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20 Premium & Free Parallax WordPress Themes

Free Parallax WordPress Themes

To keep people on your site and turn them into regular visitors, you should do much more than just post the information relevant to their queries. Some owners of websites engage the audience with large imagery in the header and backgrounds, while others make their portals more interactive by filling them with video content. There are also those who use tiny, yet catchy, graphic elements such as icons, pre-loaders, counters and other gimmicks. It is a win-win option to combine all the mention...

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins and 3 You Can Live Without There are thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins available to download for free from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Yet surprisingly enough, the top 30 most popular WordPress plugins come with their fair share of mixed reviews. Some plugins are extremely essential and trustworthy, whereas others have excellent counterparts with enough pros to make choosing the best WordPress plugin debatable. I created my top 10 WordPress...

How To Add Social Media Buttons To WordPress (Without a Plugin)


Add Share Buttons To WordPress Without a Plugin WordPress plugins can be great, they allow for easy one click installs of a designers add-on to help improve your website. Need a contact form? Boom! Two clicks and you got one. What about a gallery or content slider or even a twitter widget? No problem, you can find those too. WordPress plugins come in the thousands these days and in my opinion are one of the main reasons why people love WordPress so much. Yet, the underlying danger of...