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Visual Composer for WordPress Review: Advanced Blogging Tool

Visual Composer WordPress Review

Visual Composer for WordPress I’ve been working with WordPress for about seven years now. I’ve seen a lot of changes in design, watched and supported the massive WordPress community grow and tried out some excellent WordPress plugins in their earliest of stages first hand. Whether you’re just getting into WordPress or you’ve been using the platform for years, there is definitely a faze of trying out every plugin you can get your hands on. Finding plugins that enhance...

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins and 3 You Can Live Without There are thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins available to download for free from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Yet surprisingly enough, the top 30 most popular WordPress plugins come with their fair share of mixed reviews. Some plugins are extremely essential and trustworthy, whereas others have excellent counterparts with enough pros to make choosing the best WordPress plugin debatable. I created my top 10 WordPress...