20 Awesome Star Wars Twitter Headers

Star Wars Twitter Headers

I decided to make a collection of Star Wars Twitter headers on my laptop for the pure fun of it. I did an article in December on random cool twitter headers that were mostly for people in my industry. Marketers that wanted an eye-popping twitter header cropped to the correct dimensions (1500px by 500px). This time around, I’m just in the mood to make something cool.

Now, before anyone comments that the title of this article is not correct because I made twitter headers for Empire Strikes Back, Return or the Jedi and Rogue One, and not just for Star Wars, you need to relax. This is not the kinda stuff I usually blog about. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to add more Star Wars twitter headers for the entire franchise when I find the time. If you like any of these and use one for your twitter header please leave me a comment and let me know which one. Or if you have a suggestion of one let me know and I’ll add it to the list the next time I update this article.

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