The Best Social Bookmarking Sites List + SEO Tips and Advice

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List

One of the easiest ways to get your website or blog off to a great SEO start is to gain as many free social bookmarking backlinks as possible. The process is easy and just requires creating a profile or signing up for a social booking site. After publishing content, most webmasters and SEO’s routine consists of sharing their work on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Pinterest. However, there are dozens of other social bookmarking sites you can submit your work too as well. Granted, not all of them are niche related, nor do they have the same sort of impact as the bigger social bookmark platforms, but they are still worth your time in the early stages of building your site.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the process of sharing or submitting an article to a site that someone can discover, bookmark or revisit later. Social bookmarking sites allow users to access their bookmarks online, at any time, from any device. Social bookmarking sites are useful to marketers because users can add, annotate, and share bookmarked web pages with their team.

Does Submitting Content to Social Bookmarking Sites Help My SEO?

Yes, but it’s not going to move mountains.

Submitting every article you write to the social bookmarking site list below is most likely overkill. However,  if you are trying to promote pillar content (a large significant page or post from your site) than social bookmarking sites are definitely worth your time.

Social Bookmarking SitesWhen you submit or share content through a bookmarking site, it not only generates a backlink (typically nofollow) but can also result in a massive increase in traffic back to your site.

Most established authority websites with strong domain authority aren’t going to take the time to submit every blog post to large social bookmarking sites as they already have a strong following on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. But when you’re starting out, you need traffic. You are trying to get established, and you can’t stick your nose up at a smaller social media platform, especially if the content shared on that site is in line with the type of content you are creating.

I’d say the top 10 to 12 sites in my social bookmarking sites list will gain you some clicks to your website, but as you go further down the list, there are going to be fewer and fewer visitors.

Best Social Booking Site List

  1. Reddit
  2. Pinterest
  3. Pinterest
  4. Linkedin
  5. Tumblr
  7. Digg
  8. Medium
  9. Fark
  10. Flipboard
  11. Diigo
  12. Pocket
  13. Diigo
  14. MySpace
  15. Plurk
  16. Bizsugar
  21. Weheartit

I know what you’re thinking. “Why is it when I search for best Social Bookmarking Sites List I see dozens of websites with lists three times as big as the one you created?”

The answer is simple. Most of those sites are crap.

Don’t waste your time with SEO metrics like Alexa Rank or Domain Authority when it comes to finding places to share your work. Remember, the point of taking your time to submit your content to social bookmarking site lists is to make sure you are getting your content; it’s maximin possible exposure. If you click on one of those shady sites and it looks like a site you would never usually visit, then you need to trust that instinct and avoid it.

SEO Advice: Share Your Content To The Proper Niche or Get Clever

Getting links that are related to your business or blog are very valuable. Link building isn’t about tricking search engines, its about building authority in the industry that you’re in. You want to be recognized by your peers in your niche, and to do so, you want links from similar websites like yours.

If you submit a cooking or gardening article to a sports social bookmarking site, well, then you have hurt your site. That link, even if it’s a strong link, will stand out like a sore thumb. Cooking and Gardening content is not related to sports… unless you can change the narrative. For example, if the article is about how Athletes using a particle diet to stay in shape, or an Athlete has a gardening hobby, then you have cracked the code for getting a link on a sports site that fits your niche. You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole. You can, however, change your content to adapt to the location you want to submit it. Keep this in mind when going through social bookmarking sites list, if you find a site that doesn’t feature content that fits your sites category or niche, find a relatable category that does work and create content that might work down the road.

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