10 Amazing Photography WordPress Themes

Photography WordPress Themes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a captivating website is worth a thousand clients.

Never has it become more easy for photographers to showcase their portfolio thanks to the advancements in Photography WordPress themes. Developers have taken a giant leap forward in the last few years with new gallery layouts and homepage sliders. The goal has never changed, a photographers needs a website that showcases their work in a professional, stylish format while keeping the website layout user friendly. In a growing competitive business there is a distinct difference between an effective website and one that completely misses the mark. A photographer’s website should be heavy on visuals, yet should deliver a sense of value to convince a potential customer they are right for the job.

Photography WordPress ThemesTo my surprise there are quite a few different styles of photography WordPress themes available. Some specialize in creating galleries in a business aspect with built-in shops, others are solely based around full-screen slider images and have stylish blogs. There are even photography WordPress themes built around the concept of starting an image database.

The following are 10 premium photography WordPress themes that I picked out specifically for professionals looking to showcase their work in the easiest way possible. If you’re just beginning your search for potential template for your business and are considering WordPress to be your main platform, I would suggest checking out a previous article I wrote called 10 tips for picking the best WordPress theme. The article digs deep into what to consider when searching for a template and has some helpful tips for when browsing WordPress themes at Theme Forest.

Mental Photography WordPress Themes

Mental1. Mentas

Designed by: azelab | Demo
Perfect for: Portfolio, Freelancer & Agency

The layers to this WordPress Theme are simply amazing. Mentas has six different concepts that are all breathtaking. If your a Photographer looking to showcase your portfolio I’d really consider this theme.  The added shop feature is perfect for any business that one day would like to add a shop but wants to focus on another area to start.

Mentas ResponsiveHomepage Options

  • One-Page video intro homepage
  • Collage homepage with a sidebar
  • Traditional top menu version slider
  • OnePage Fullscreen slider
  • Top Menu featuring a video background
  • WooCommerce (shop) gallery

Mobile Look

To make this list of best Photography WordPress Themes you need to have a responsive layout that can get the job done on a smart phone. Mentas didn’t over complicate the situation by jamming too much into the mobile look. I understand that most photography WordPress themes are best viewed on a desktop, yet I think Mentas’ responsive layout is stylish and effective.

Click Here to Preview Mentas’s demo


Photography WordPress Themes

Outeredge2. Outeredge

Designed by: Trymoon | Demo
Perfect for: Business, Portfolio

With up to nine homepage formats, including an option to create a restaurant and lifestyle theme, it’s hard to pigeonhole this complex template under one category. Obviously, with such a diverse set of options, all in a visual type format, Outeredge makes my list easily. A photographer is an artist and artist’s hate limitations. This WordPress theme allows for a creative person to re-invent themselves over and over with one theme.

Design Features

  • Extensive Theme Options
  • Outeredge ResponsiveRevolution Slider Plugin Built in (Save $19)
  • Advanced Typography -650 fonts included
  • 5 Star Customer Support
  • Professional Blog Layouts

Mobile Look

Designers Trymoon, have done an excellent job with merging the complex slider layout into a workable mobile theme. With so many people attached to their phone nowadays, it’s imperative to have a nice-looking responsive mobile theme for your business. Personally, I think I was most impressed with the mobile look for this theme. Having so many options and a fluid fast loading responsive theme makes Outeredge an easy choice for any aspiring photographer looking to showcase their portfolio.


Citrus Responsive WordPress Theme
3. Citrus

Citrus WordPress ThemeDesigned by: designthemes | Demo
Perfect for: Business, Portfolio, Agency

Citrus uses it’s full page sliders a little different than the rest. By using a animated revolution slider websites have a stylish zoom feature to the standard full page gallery. While this element might not be for everyone, it’s definitely a cool look that you have to see to believe.

I’ll admit this WordPress Theme looks complex, but the reviews and ratings at Theme Forest are all top marks. Citrus has a “Awesome Page Builder” feature that ensures that building your website can be easy. This multipurpose theme allows you to build a personal website or easily turn it into a photography, product promotion, agency, travel website, night club theme, or nonprofit organization website. In other words it does it all.


  • Citrus Mobile ThemePSD included
  • Image and video parallax
  • Woo Commerce support
  • Translation ready
  • Multicolor skin option
  • Advanced typography
  • Pounds of short codes
  • Semantic coding
  • Includes working contact form
  • crossbar browser capability

Mobile Look

Citrus is one of the only websites that were able to recreate the desktop version into a mobile version. This is not a knock at any of the other themes on this list as there are pros and cons to every mobile theme. As I’ve stated before when deciding on Photography WordPress theme, or any theme for that matter you need to really fall in love with the mobile look. Check out the Demo Here.


4. Brooklyn

Brooklyn DEMOsDesigned by: UnitedThemes | Demo
Perfect for: Business, Portfolio, Agency

Brooklyn is a Multi-demo WordPress theme that has enough features and layouts to satisfy anyone or client looking to build a particular photography website. This theme is one of most popular, and top rated WordPress themes available at Theme Forest. The layouts and demos are endless, yet the main reason why Brooklyn made my top photography WP themes list is the fact that they offer excellent support for those having trouble with installation or setup.


  • Booklyn Mobile LookFully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Header-Title Styles
  • Video Background Section (YouTube Desktop only)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tons of Shortcodes
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Multiple Sidebars

Mobile Look

Brooklyn’s mobile look and feel is as smooth as has their themes on a desktop. Galleries appear as they would in any format and are extremely impressive. This is definitely a WordPress theme you need to see to believe. Endless layouts and themes with a ton of great features, it’s any wonder why it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes available. Check out the Demo and theme here.


Elevate Theme for WordPress5. Elevate

Designed by: MDNW | Demo
Perfect for: Business, Startup

Elevate has a different feel to it than the first four suggested templates. This theme uses more creative page layouts to showcase content and has a “startup” kind or vibe for a tech or photography business.

MDNW describes their design as a fullscreen responsive WP theme for creatives, photographers, illustrators and designers, specifically created for folks that want to show off amazing images in a unique way.


  • Built on Mythology Engine -developed with the sole purpose of creating an efficient method of publishing themes with a streamlined development process.
  • Revolution Slider 4
  • AJAX Live Search
  • HTML Fueled SEO

See more of Elevate here. Personally this theme reminds me of something I would be heavy into. Something about the creative page layouts really interests me. It’s probably not for everyone, but as content is king you need to think more than just your portfolio to win people over. Really spend time and think about the About page and service pages to all these themes.

Allianz ThemeForest

6. Allianz

Allianz Shop ThemeForestDesigned by: AVAThemes | Demo
Perfect for: Creative Portfolo, Blog

AVAThemes get huge bonus points for creativity. This theme has the standard full page layouts that many of these themes offer, but feature a couple really cool and fun page layouts. Homepage layouts: 2, 4 & 5 are simply awesome. They each feature interesting scrolling methods that catch a browser’s eye instantly. If you’re looking for something original, something unique, you need to test drive Allianz.

Allianz also has a shop (image) that is extremely clean and is click and go ready in my opinion. This theme is worth exploring, check out the demo here.

Hickory ThemeForest

7. Hickory

Hickory review system

Hickory review system

Designed by: SoloPine | Demo
Perfect for: Blog, Product Review

If you’re a photography blogger or you like to review products, Hickory is perfect for you. This customizable magazine & blog theme is designed to meet your every need. Hickory is one of the most popular WordPress Themes sold at Theme Forest yet is designed in a way that allows the photos to decorate the layout. With such a clean design images pop and allow readers to get sucked into the content/images. The page layouts are very customizable and all have a very professional designer type feel.

Hickory Mobile LookFeatures

  • Google review star system
  • Review status bar system
  • Google headshot support
  • 4 Post types

Mobile Look

Personally, I like Mobile themes that avoid a slider and just compress a website down into a simple easy to manage layout. Hickory is a clean stylish theme perfect for anyone who wants to blog or give a little more background to their photos.

See more of Hickory here.


Fashionista ThemeForest

7. Fashionista

Designed by: WPExplorer | Demo
Perfect for: Blog- Fashion, Celebrity

Fashionista Mobile LookDo you love Pinterest’s layout? Than Fashionista is perfect for your blog. The clean masonry layout allows you to attractively showcase posts on your homepage and within categories. Fashionista has stylish post formats for images, galleries, videos, MP3 files, quotes, links, and standard text. Keep your visitors engaged with the static header which stays put when they scroll down the site, social profile icons in the header and sharing icons on the single posts.


  • Isotope Masonry Grid
  • Clean and minimal design
  • PrettyPhoto theme selector
  • Video and Flickr widgets

Mobile Look

Fashionista’s mobile look is clean and simple which is perfect for reading and view the images and galleries on the theme. This theme is perfect for bloggers and is relatively cheap compared to some of it’s counterparts. Test drive Fashionista’s demo here.

GoodLayers Theme

7. Rocket Board

Designed by: GoodLayers | Demo
Perfect for: Blog, Fashion, News

Goodlayers FeaturesRocket Board is incredibly customizable. This theme has multiple layers style your homepage or blog. GoodLayers describes Rocket Board as a super awesome portfolio WordPress theme in a Metro style, but it could be easily used for any type of business or photography blog. Just by playing around with the demo one can easily see how you can re-create the homepage in many different formats all with very creative and captivating look.


  • Live Color Changer
  • Portfolio and Blog as Rocket Board
  • 8 Overlay Patterns
  • 6 Footer Layouts
  • 3 Blog styles(With Left, Right, Both and None sidebar for each)
  • 450+ Fonts Available
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager

Rocket Board might not fit into the same style of photography WordPress themes as the other nine examples in this article but I wanted to break it up and show you that not everything has to be homepage gallery and that sometimes the multi-diverse layout can do the job just as good. When viewing this theme you may have to be a little bit more creative with layout and scheming but this WordPress theme gives arguably more depth to a business than a homepage gallery. Test drive Rocket Board here.

GetPhoto Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

8. GetPhoto

Designed by: Serzh | Demo
Perfect for: Photography Portfolio, Business Theme

demoGetPhoto is an excellent for artists, designers, sellers photographers and more. With a built audio homepage format there’s really nothing I can do or say except you have to test drive the demo to believe the complexity of this WordPress theme.

GetPhoto may be too much for some people, but for others it could be one of the coolest WordPress themes available. GetPhoto has a lot of layout options all in a very clean yet professional format. I could see this being a very popular WordPress theme for young professionals or entrepreneurs straight out of college.


  1. WooCommerce Ready
  2. Extended photography support
  3. Masonry/Metro/Grid layout
  4. Availability Calendar
  5. 3 Premium responsive sliders!
  6. Video intro page
  7. Highly optimized for speed.

You can play around with the many versions of GetPhoto here.

Snapture Photography ThemeForest

9. Snapture

Snapture Photography GalleryDesigned by: Serzh | Demo
Perfect for: Photography & Corporate WP Theme

Snapture gallery is a flat design for multi-purpose photography/portfolio WP Theme. This theme offers a full screen slider but the draw to making my top 10 list was the unique flipboard type homepage layout. A webmaster as the option of adding pictures according to category and can manage everything with as few clicks as possible through elegant page builder. Snapture is fully responsive beautifully designed WordPress theme.


  • Woo Commerce Ready
  • Fast Support
  • Unlimited Sliders
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Translation
  • Advanced Page Builder

Check out the Snapture’s live demo here.

Milli WP Theme

10. Milli

Designed by: Tommusrhodus | Demo
Perfect for: Photo Gallery

Milli WP Theme ShopLast but not least is Milli, a perfect Photography WordPress theme for the Photographer whose too busy to blog. This theme, not unlike the others, focuses heavy on images but has a pop up gallery layout to simply showcase images not redirect you to an article about the image. All of the gallery layouts in this theme were made using simple controls, yet in reality there’s millions of combinations of image sizing, margin and layout you can put together. Milli allows for true batch uploading and management of photos. Upload your photos to a gallery page and then use our simple gallery creation tools to set the appearance of the gallery exactly as you want. Simple.


  • WP 4.0+ Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Beautiful, Responsive Lightbox
  • 2 Header layouts, top & side
  • Full social shares integration
  • Boxed and unboxed theme versions
  • 300+ background textures included
  • Video Galleries!

Test Drive Milli’s demo at Theme Forest here.

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  • Amazing collection of WordPress themes you have shared with us thanks for sharing. I really like your collection specially Snapture, Get photo themes and will surely use such themes in my new projects. I also have designed some similar themes using a designing software like templatetoaster, Webo or such similar tools as sometimes I lacked in a coding part. It helps to create themes in a lesser time without prior knowledge of coding.

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