The Best Social Bookmarking Sites List + SEO Tips and Advice

One of the easiest ways to get your website or blog off to a great SEO start is to gain as many free social bookmarking backlinks as possible. The process is easy and just requires creating a profile or signing up for a social booking site. After publishing content, most webmasters and SEO's routine consists of sharing their work on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Pinterest. However, there are dozens of other social bookmarking sites you can submit your work too as well.

60 Sites To Get Free Images For Commercial Use

Free Images For Commercial Use

Free Images For Commercial Use One of the biggest struggles with content creation is finding a great source of free images for commercial use. Digital marketers are always looking for high-quality pictures for their articles or website, but they need to be careful they don’t take someone’s image without permission. The following list is a collection of sites that serve as a free source of commercial images. Each site is a little different but is essentially gallery websites with...

9 Types of Blogs That Make Money

If you're interested in making money online, you may have heard about how much one can make by establishing a popular blog that attracts traffic and earns money from various advertising and affiliate programs. While it’s not the easiest thing to get off the ground, growing a blog can be quite lucrative. Some bloggers have even created websites with content that doesn't even require a lot of upkeep, making their blog a form of passive income. However, not all blogs are the same. There are many...

7 Steps Leveraging The Power Of Clickbait To Drive Traffic

What Can We Learn From Buzzfeed’s Trademark Hook? Clickbait as an online marketing strategy elicits mixed emotions. Some feel there is nothing wrong with relying on catchy headlines to drive traffic to a website, while others view it as a cheap marketing gimmick. The truth is clickbait isn’t exactly a new phenomenon and has been merely repurposed for today’s digital age. These types of headlines go as far back as 1888 then referred to as “Yellow Journalism.” Love it or...

WordPress For Beginners: Picking The Right Theme For You

Best WordPress Theme

A beautiful WordPress Theme with a well-thought-out design can have a significant impact on your audience. It’s true what they say, first impressions do matter, yet how do you decide on which theme to go with? How do you pick a WordPress theme when there are literally thousands to choose from? In this article, I break down some helpful tips to finding the best WordPress themes for your business or blog.

20 Awesome Star Wars Twitter Headers

Star Wars Twitter Headers I decided to make a collection of Star Wars Twitter headers on my laptop for the pure fun of it. I did an article in December on random cool twitter headers that were mostly for people in my industry. Marketers that wanted an eye-popping twitter header cropped to the correct dimensions (1500px by 500px). This time around, I’m just in the mood to make something cool. Now, before anyone comments that the title of this article is not correct because I made twitter...